Best answer: Where can I go with a Cypriot passport?

Country Visa requirement Allowed stay
Australia eVisitor 90 days
Austria Visa not required Freedom of movement ID card valid
Azerbaijan eVisa 30 days
Bahamas Visa not required 3 months

How many countries can you visit with a Cyprus passport?

The citizens of Cyprus can visit 113 countries without a visa ✅. Cypriot passport holders also have access to get 33 e-visas or 15 visas on arrival. Cyprus has a population of 847k people and the capital is Nicosia .

Can you go to Turkey with a Cypriot passport?

Greek Cypriots have been travelling from Ercan Airport and can travel now as a tourist to Turkey. It is legal and there are no obstacles at all. It is not compulsory to stamp passports, on arrival at the border passport control, officials can issue a visa on a separate bit of paper.

Do Cypriot citizens need visa for USA?

Republic of Cyprus passport holders require a nonimmigrant visa for a temporary stay in the United States. The VWP permits eligible citizens of 38 countries to travel to the United States for business or tourism for stays of up to 90 days without a visa. …

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Can I live in the UK with a Cypriot passport?

With Cypriot citizenship our clients can live in any EU country with simplified registration. By agreement between the UK and the European Union, EU citizens permanently living in this country, until December 31, 2020, can easily obtain a UK residence permit, live and work here, while maintaining the EU passport.

How much does a Cyprus passport cost?

Cyprus — $2 million minimum investment

Then, in addition to those initial donations, applicants must choose one of the following options: The purchase of real estate with a minimum value of €2 million ($2.35 million)

Do Turkish Cypriots have EU passport?

Turkish Cypriots are also citizens of the EU. … Thus under EU law the RoC is legally obliged to issue a passport to every Turkish Cypriot without discrimination.

Do Turkish citizens need a visa for Cyprus?

Holders of Turkish passports (regular, service, official, diplomatic) need a visa to enter the Republic of Cyprus. An entry visa to Cyprus may only be obtained by the applicant in person at the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Athens (not at the airport).

Is Greek passport biometric?

Greek passports are issued exclusively to Greek citizens for the purpose of international travel.

Greek passport
The data page of a contemporary Greek biometric passport
Type Passport
Issued by Greece
First issued 26 August 2006 (current biometric version)

How do I become a citizen of Cyprus?

There are several ways to become a Cypriot citizen (citizen of the Republic of Cyprus) :

  1. By marriage. The first, being married to a Cypriot national, requires one to be married for at least 3 years, and have completed 2 years of residency in Cyprus prior to the date of the application. …
  2. By origins. …
  3. By investment. …
  4. By birth.
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Which countries are visa-free for Malta passport?

Malta citizenship: list of visa-free countries

No. Country Entry conditions
1 Botswana Visa-free
2 Burkina Faso Visa on arrival
3 Cape Verde Visa-free
4 Comoro Islands Visa on arrival

Can you apply U.S. visa?

Apply for a visa.

The process of applying for a visa will vary depending on the U.S. Embassy or Consulate where you apply. Follow the specific instructions for the country that you’re in. In general, you will need: To complete online form DS-160, the nonimmigrant visa application form.

Can I go and live in Cyprus after Brexit?

Now that the UK has left the European Union, British citizens no longer have the right to settle in EU countries like Cyprus without a visa or residency documents. … It gives non-EU nationals the option to legally extend their stay in Cyprus for up to a year, and you can apply to renew it every year.

How long does it take to get a Cypriot passport?

After a consultation, the individual submits the citizenship application and all other documents to the Cypriot Ministry of Interior. The process should take a total of 3-4 months.

Can I retire to Spain after Brexit?

Yes, you can still retire to Spain after Brexit but the conditions are more stringent and complicated. They involve showing proof of income and savings to show that you can support yourself in Spain. Healthcare is also an issue and receiving your pension if you are not already a resident of Spain.

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