Can I have a British and Cypriot passport?

Dual citizenship (also known as dual nationality) is allowed in the UK. This means you can be a British citizen and also a citizen of other countries, including Cyprus. As many UK Cypriots have interest in obtaining Cypriot citizenship by descent you may find all relevant information here.

Does Cyprus allow dual citizenship?

Dual citizenship

Cyprus allows its citizens to hold foreign citizenship in addition to their Cypriot citizenship.

Can a Cypriot get a British passport?

You could be eligible for British citizenship if you were: … 1960 in Cyprus, and you have a UK-born grandparent; OR. Born after 31.12. 1982, a parent was born in Cyprus before 15.08.

How do I get a Cypriot passport UK?

Persons wishing to apply for a Republic of Cyprus passport must apply in person to the Consulate General in London. Police Report (in case of lost passport). Applicants are obliged to submit any further documentation requested by the Consular Officers. Fee is the equivalent of €70.00 in £/GBP.

Can I get a Cypriot passport if my father is Cypriot?

Cyprus citizenship by birth

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If you were born in Cyprus and have one Cypriot parent, you automatically become a citizen of the country by birth. Also, individuals that are born abroad to at least one Cypriot parent can also become citizens of the country.

Can you buy Cyprus citizenship?

To obtain citizenship by investment in Cyprus, you must: Purchase real estate worth at least €2 million (excluding VAT). … If you want to include your parents or your spouse’s parents: You must invest an additional €500,000 into your property purchase.

Can I still retire to Cyprus after Brexit?

Now that the UK has left the European Union, British citizens no longer have the right to settle in EU countries like Cyprus without a visa or residency documents. If you haven’t lived in Cyprus before and didn’t have residency documents before 31st December, certain restrictions will apply if you want to retire there.

Can a Cypriot work in the UK?

Can I still live and work in the UK after Brexit? If you are a Cypriot national living in the UK, Brexit may have an impact on your right of residence. If the UK leaves the EU with a deal (Withdrawal Agreement) there will be a transition period from the exit day until 31 December 2020.

Can Cypriots come to UK?

Before you travel, check the ‘Entry requirements’ section for Cyprus’s current entry restrictions and requirements. … Cyprus is on the amber list for entering England. Check what you must do to enter England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Can I travel to Cyprus without a passport?

Non-EU nationals: To enter Cyprus, you must have a valid passport issued within the past ten years and with at least six months left is required, along with a return ticket and sufficient funds for the length of stay.

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What religion is Cyprus?

Christians make up 78% of the total Cypriot population. Christianity includes the Greek Orthodox Church of Cyprus, the Armenian Church in Cyprus, Maronite, Roman Catholicism, and Protestants. Most Greek Cypriots are members of the Autocephalous Greek Orthodox Church of Cyprus (Church of Cyprus).

How do I get a Cypriot ID card?

Only persons who are registered as Cypriot citizens can apply for the issuance of identity card. The applicant should submit his/her application for the issuance of identity card in person as it is required the collection of the applicant’s biometric data (photo, signature and finger prints) by a consular officer.

How do I get a Cypriot passport by descent?

It can be submitted by either minors or adults (above the age of 18), who were born abroad after the 16th of August 1960 and whose father at the time of birth was a Cypriot citizen, and by individuals born after the 11th of June 1999, whose mother was a Cypriot citizen at the time of their birth.

Can I get a Cypriot passport through marriage?

Cyprus – Passport & Nationality – Cyprus Citizenship through Marriage. A person of full age and capacity who has contracted a marriage to a citizen of Cyprus may apply for a Passport through Marriage after completing 3 years of marriage and harmonious cohabitation with their Cypriot spouse.

How long is Cypriot citizenship?

Application for Cyprus citizenship can be submitted by foreigners, who have completed a total of 7 years of legal residence in Cyprus (2555 days of staying in Cyprus) before the application date. The applicant must have resided continuously in Cyprus through the last 1 year before applying.

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