Can I use my O2 phone in Cyprus?

The O2 Travel Inclusive Zone Bolt On, included with selected O2 Refresh and sim only tariffs, lets you roam in 75 destinations at no extra cost. Your data, minutes and text allowances will work in our Europe Zone, just like they do at home. … That’ll get you the 120 minutes, 120 texts and all the data you need.

Can you use your phone in Cyprus?

Cyprus is a Go Roam in Europe destination which means you can use your data here at no extra cost.

How long can I use my O2 phone in Europe?

What are our Fair Usage Limits? Using our services in our Europe Zone for more than 63 days in any four-month period is what we consider to be unfair use. If you do this we’ll send you a fair usage notification by text.

How much does O2 charge for international calls?

You can make calls to international mobiles and landlines from just 1p per minute with our International Bolt On.

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Can I use my O2 big bundle abroad?

If you’re travelling within selected destinations in Europe, your allowances and charges will work just like they do in the UK. So if you buy one of our Big Bundles, your minutes, texts and data can be used in the UK and the rest of our Pay As You Go Europe Zone.

Is data roaming free on O2 in Cyprus?

The O2 Travel Inclusive Zone Bolt On, included with selected O2 Refresh and sim only tariffs, lets you roam in 75 destinations at no extra cost. … And you’ll get a daily allowance of 120 texts, 120 minutes, and data roaming, in 27 of our international O2 Travel destinations, including USA, Australia and New Zealand.

How much does it cost to phone Cyprus?

Calls to Cypriot landlines will cost just 6p per minute at all times and calls to Cypriot mobiles will cost only 10p per minute. This cost is taken from your £5 calling credit.

Can I use my unlimited data abroad?

Good news is, you absolutely can use your unlimited data plan abroad. But unlike in the UK where unlimited data plans allow you to use as much data as you like (within reason), there may be much tighter restrictions on how much data you’re permitted to use when you’re overseas.

How do I use my mobile data abroad?

If you want to make sure your handset doesn’t start haemorrhaging money when you’re on holiday, follow these five tips:

  1. Switch off data roaming. …
  2. Turn off automatic updates. …
  3. Stick to Wi-Fi wherever possible. …
  4. Don’t use TV, film or music streaming services. …
  5. Get a foreign pay-as-you-go SIM.
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Do I get free data roaming with EE?

Roaming on EE

With a low fixed daily payment, you can use your minutes, texts and data allowances in the EU – without any scary surprises on your bill. … The daily roaming charge doesn’t start until January 2022, so you can enjoy your allowances at no extra cost.

How can I call internationally for free?

How to Make Free International Calls

  1. Skype. Skype is a free app for Android, Apple, and Windows devices. …
  2. WhatsApp. Another commonly used app is the Facebook-owned WhatsApp. …
  3. FaceTime. If you’re connecting to another Apple user, you can use the built-in FaceTime app. …
  4. Viber. …
  5. Rebtel. …
  6. IMO. …
  7. PopTox. …
  8. LINE.

How much does it cost per minute to call internationally?

The international calls businesses typically make start at about 1.4 cents per minute.

What countries are included in O2 roaming?

O2 Travel in our Inclusive Zone

Argentina Honduras
Australia Madagascar
Botswana Mexico
Canada Myanmar
Chile New Zealand

Which countries are included in O2 Europe zone?

48 destinations are included in our Europe Zone: Austria, Azores, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, Germany Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania …

Can you use 3 network abroad?

Well, the good news is that you can absolutely use your Three ( phone abroad, almost anywhere in the world. Exactly how much it’ll cost you – if it even costs anything extra at all – depends on your destination and what kind of plan you have.

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