Can you drive in flip flops in Cyprus?

So, it’s legal to drive barefoot or wearing sandals, flip-flops or six-inch heels. … Yep, you can get a ticket for texting in a drive-thru in most places: After an Alberta man got into double double trouble for texting in a Tim Hortons drive-thru, we checked the rules to see where else this could, and couldn’t, happen.

Is driving in Cyprus same as UK?

In Cyprus, they drive on the left-hand side of the road like in the UK and overtake on the right. Wearing of seat belts is compulsory for front and rear seat occupants. … Eating and drinking whilst driving is prohibited. The maximum legal level of alcohol in the blood is 0.049 per cent.

What footwear can you not drive in?

Flip-flops & Mules

Any shoe that doesn’t secure to the heel in some way can cause interference with braking or accelerating. These kinds of shoes can also slip off and become stuck under a pedal, affecting your ability to drive safely.

What do I need to drive in Cyprus?

When driving in Cyprus you must carry the following documents:

  1. Full, valid driving licence*
  2. Proof of insurance (third party or above)
  3. Proof of ID (passport or national identity card)
  4. Proof of ownership (if in your own vehicle)
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Is driving barefoot in California illegal?

It is a common myth that it is illegal to drive barefoot in Los Angeles, California. However, the fact is that there is no state law making it legal or illegal to drive without shoes in California. … However, all drivers have a duty of care to operate motor vehicles safely.

Is driving barefoot in Ohio illegal?

Currently, it is not against the law to drive barefoot in Ohio or any other state. While there are laws about seat belts, smartphones, and speed limits (for good reason) the Ohio legislature (and the lawmakers around the country) have refused to ban driving barefoot.

Is UK driving Licence valid in Cyprus?

Cyprus. You can exchange your licence without taking a test. You must exchange your UK licence within 6 months of becoming a resident in Cyprus. If you became resident in Cyprus before 31 December 2020, you must exchange your licence by 7 July 2021.

Is driving without MOT illegal?

Is it illegal to drive without an MOT? In most cases, yes. The only exception is if you are driving a vehicle to a pre-booked MOT test, or if you are driving it to or from a garage where it is getting repaired. Police might ask to see proof of your appointment.

Other inadvisable footwear

Some other footwear such as platform shoes and extreme heels are not recommended for driving. Additional to thongs, there are plenty of types of slip-on sandals which don’t have that much grip on the foot.

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