Can you work in Northern Cyprus?

Unlike some countries, North Cyprus requires you to obtain prior authorization before applying for a work permit. This permit differs from the actual work permit in that it needs to be obtained prior to your arrival through your place of employment and is considered the first step of the work permit procedure.

How do I get residency in Northern Cyprus?

When applying for a temporary residence permit in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, you will need to submit a written application form together with a valid passport. Next, you will need to obtain a Residence’s Certificate from your local Muthar office in North Cyprus(sort of English County Council).

Can I move to North Cyprus?

There are no changes in immigration procedures if you are planning to move to North Cyprus. … You can stay in South Cyprus without a visa for 90 days. After that, if you want to live there, you will need to go through a residency application process which is the same for all non-EU citizens.

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How much can an international student earn in North Cyprus?

Usually, the per hour wage for international students in Cyprus is 5 Euro, but it depends. If you are a European, you might earn more than that. Mostly for Asians and Africans, 5 Euro is the average salary. Sometimes they don’t even give 5 Euro.

What jobs are in demand in Cyprus?

10 Most In-Demand Occupations in Cyprus

  1. Nurses. Nurses are some of the most sought-after employees in the world. …
  2. Auditors. …
  3. Engineers. …
  4. Dentistry. …
  5. Software Development. …
  6. Sales Executives. …
  7. Pharmacists. …
  8. Machine Operatives.

What is the minimum wage in Northern Cyprus?

Hourly Minimum Wage TL 18.17. Daily Minimum Wage TL 145.38. Weekly Minimum Wage TL 726.92. Monthly Minimum Wage TL 3,150.

Is it easy to buy property in Northern Cyprus?

True: New properties built on Pre-74 and Exchange Title Deed Land in North Cyprus are very safe. There are two types of land deed in North Cyprus on which most new properties are built and which are considered very safe to purchase. … These deeds are underwritten by the North Cyprus government.

What is life like in Northern Cyprus?

The climate of Northern Cyprus is a typical Mediterranean climate. The summers are long and arid, the winters are short and rainy. The average annual temperature is 19ºC (66ºF). The mid-summer temperature is around 40ºC (105ºF) and the warmest sea in the Mediterranean is average 21ºC (75ºF).

How much is residency in North Cyprus?

Procedure for Residency Application

Once you have completed the medical tests you should return to the Immigration Section at the police station with all the required documents plus the medical test payment receipt. * The current residency fee is TL 447 for one year (Jun 19).

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Is it cheaper to live in northern Cyprus?

North Cyprus must be one of the least expensive places to live in the Mediterranean. It is exceptionally good value when compared to living costs in the UK. Electric, water and council tax are relatively inexpensive making your Pound go further.

Is it cheaper to live in Spain or Cyprus?

Cyprus is 0.0% cheaper than Spain.

What is the cost of living like in Cyprus?

Family of four estimated monthly costs are 2,868$ (2,425€) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 815$ (689€) without rent. Cost of living in Cyprus is, on average, 13.11% lower than in United States. Rent in Cyprus is, on average, 45.63% lower than in United States.

Is it easy to get a job in Cyprus?

Due to the country’s large tourism sector seasonal and casual jobs are relatively easy to find. Those seeking summer work can find opportunities in hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants.

Can international student work in North Cyprus?

Foreign students in Cyprus may now work in paid activity

They must be full-time students of recognised universities or colleges (or of some additional registered colleges) and had entered and resided in Cyprus by the 10th of May 2019. They must be treated equally with Cypriot workers.

Is it good to study in North Cyprus?

Universities in North Cyprus are known for quality Education at International standards in English. … All in English Medium of study. Affordable tuition fees and moderate living expenses. The tuition fees are moderate and cheaper than most parts of Europe.

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