Do refugees go to Cyprus?

Most migrants and refugees on Cyprus come from Syria and Afghanistan via Turkey to the northern part of the island and then cross to the southern part, reports dpa. … In 2019, there were nearly 10,000 migrants on the island — up from 2,936 in 2016, 4,582 in 2017 and 7,761 in 2018, according to police statistics.

How many refugees will Cyprus take in 2020?


Applicants in 2020 Refugee status
Total 7,094 155
Breakdown by countries of origin of the total numbers
Syria 1,738 21
India 1,112 2

How much money do refugees get in Cyprus?

The GMI allowance provides for a basic income to the applicant of EUR480 per month.

Does Cyprus give asylum?

Cyprus has the highest number of asylum applications per capita in the European Union, according to Greek Cypriot officials. … The Greek-administered part belongs to the European Union, which has made it a destination for many migrants from Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

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Which jobs can asylum seeker do in Cyprus?

Political refugees can also work in the sectors of agriculture, livestock, fishing, shelters and hotels for animal, processing, waste management, trade, repairs and provision of services (cleaning workers, porters, etc). The Law provides for punishment (fine or imprisonment) for those who violate its provisions.

Can asylum seekers get married in Cyprus?

Cyprus toughens rules on student’s entry and sham marriages in new Immigration and Asylum Policy. … As he said, asylum seekers mainly enter the Republic, as foreign students, by making sham marriages, by arriving from Turkish – occupied areas that the Republic can’t control or by sea.

How can I seek asylum in South Cyprus?

The steps to apply for asylum in Cyprus are as follows:

  1. Step 1: Fill out personal data form at District Immigration Police. …
  2. Step 2: Confirmation of submission. …
  3. Step 3: Medical Examinations. …
  4. Step 4: Apply for an Aliens Registration Card (ARC)

Is Cyprus affected by Syria?

But Cyprus, 160 kilometres (100 miles) from the coast of war-torn Syria, has not seen the massive inflow of migrants once experienced by Turkey and Greece. More than 12,000 Syrians have sought refuge in Cyprus since 2011, of whom 8,500 have been granted international protection, according to the UNHCR.

Is Cyprus on the green list?

Travel in Cyprus

In line with a UN statement, all crossing points between the Republic and the north re-opened on 4 June 2021 subject to a Red, Orange, Green categorisation system.

How much is child benefit in Cyprus?

Table Α: Amount of Child Benefit for 2019

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Annual benefit per child, by the number of children in the family, in €
0 – €19,500.00 482.17 1,060.78
€19,500.01 – €39,000.00 431.42 1,010.02
€39,000.01 – €49,000.00 385.74 771.48
€49,000.01 – €59,000.00 700.42 *

Does Cyprus have welfare?

In 2014, the Cyprus Guaranteed Minimum Income and Social Benefits Law was passed to replace the previous Public Assistance and Service Law. A family is qualified for benefits as long as its total income cannot satisfy its total need. …

Can I employ an asylum seeker?

Asylum seekers can work after the first month from the date of their asylum application in the specific expanded sectors of economic activity and professions, given that they have an employement contract stamped by the Labour Department to a specific employer.

How long does it take for an asylee to get citizenship?

An asylee may adjust status to permanent resident one year after getting asylum. The asylee can become a U.S. citizen four years from the day the USCIS approved his or her permanent residence application.

Do asylum seekers get work permits?

If you have applied for asylum, and your application has been in process for more than 365 days, you can apply for a Work Permit. This Work Permit (often called an “Employment Authorization Document” or “EAD”) allows you to work in the U.S. while you wait for a decision on your asylum case. You cannot work without it.

How do I get a Covid vaccine in Cyprus?

In Cyprus everyone can get a Covid-19 vaccination, including refugees and asylum-seekers. If you are a GeSY Beneficiary you can contact your personal doctor and register for your vaccine online, or visit one of the walk-in centres listed below.

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