Does Cyprus have a good nightlife?

Cyprus nightlife: the island of Aphrodite offers not only beautiful landscapes, Golden beaches and clear blue waters, but it also has a wild nightlife that draws thousands of young people every year. Here’s the complete guide to nightclubs and bars in Ayia Napa, Limassol, Larnaca, Nicosia and Paphos.

Is nightlife good in Cyprus?

Nightlife in Cyprus. Having endless fun is guaranteed once you stop off the island. … The main clubbing spot, in Cyprus is Ayia Napa which is internationally known as one of the ultimate party cities; Limassol follows second on the nightlife scale followed by Paphos, Larnaca, Protaras and of course Nicosia.

Is Cyprus a party island?

Firstly, the party sailing island Cyprus. Growing nearly every year in popularity, Ayia Napa of Cyprus now boasts over 250 bars and nightclubs to enjoy…that’s a whole lot of parties!

Is Paphos good for nightlife?

Nightlife in Paphos is a bit different, it’s more chilled out than the rest of the island, and it’s more about stylish hangouts in great locations than all-night parties. … You’ll find plenty of bars and restaurants down by the harbour, which offers a fantastic backdrop for your nights out in Paphos.

Which country has the most nightlife?

Best nightlife destinations in the world, 2019:

  • Hong Kong.
  • New York City, the United States.
  • Tokyo, Japan.
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Miami, the United States.
  • Montreal, Canada.
  • Madrid, Spain.
  • Los Angeles, the United States.
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Is Paphos expensive?

Summary about cost of living in Paphos, Cyprus: … A single person estimated monthly costs are 720$ (610€) without rent. Paphos is 31.88% less expensive than Los Angeles (without rent). Rent in Paphos is, on average, 77.40% lower than in Los Angeles.

Is Ayia Napa pretty?

Ayia Napa is lovely, and if you like beaches then your in for a treat with Nissi Bay. 5. Re: Is Ayia Napa really that bad? You will be fine, its nice around the harbour and the beaches are second to none.

Which is better Ibiza or Magaluf?

Magaluf and Ibiza are two of the biggest party holiday destinations in Europe – Ibiza is famous for its entertaining night clubs and home to all-night ravers whereas Magaluf is renowned for its cheap drink deals and big DJ sets in BCM, one of the top clubs in the world.

Where should I go for a party holiday?

The best party holiday destinations

  • Ibiza. When it comes to clubbing destinations – the White Isle is the most famous of the lot. …
  • Zante. Only in Zante’s vibrant party town, Laganas, can you combine Ibiza-style nightlife with activities like turtle-spotting on the beach. …
  • Kavos. …
  • Cancun. …
  • Las Vegas. …
  • Ayia Napa.

Which is better Paphos or Ayia Napa?

Comments for Paphos versus Ayia Napa in Cyprus

Ayia Napa is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches like Nissi Beach and also for its often loud and noisy nightlife. … If you like walking or cycling then Paphos is a better option as you are close to the Akamas peninsula and also the Paphos forest.

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What country is known for partying?

The world’s 7 best party countries (other than the US of A)

  • Uruguay. Hot spots: Montevideo, Punta del Este, Colonia del Sacramento. …
  • Germany. Hot spots: Berlin, Munich, Hamburg. …
  • The Netherlands. Hot spots: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, the Hague. …
  • Portugal. Hot spots: Lisbon, Porto, Lagos. …
  • The Czech Republic. …
  • Peru. …
  • Thailand.
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