Frequent question: Can I Sorn my car in Cyprus?

C.S. Cyprus SORN is known as TOM12. If the vehicle is off-road, your friends have absolutely nothing to worry about. It is not illegal to own a registered vehicle that is untaxed and uninsured as long as it is off-road.

Can I SORN my car while abroad?

You cannot declare SORN for a vehicle being used abroad.

Do I have to pay to UN SORN my car?

To remove SORN, all you need to do is tax your car over the phone or online. You can also do this at some Post Office branches. … Taxing your car removes the SORN from your vehicle automatically. In addition to paying tax, you need to ensure your car has a valid insurance certificate and MOT before you drive it again.

Is my car taxed in Cyprus?

Road tax is payable for all vehicles in Cyprus. The amount payable takes into consideration the age of the vehicle, fuel type, engine capacity and CO2 emissions. The calculation is based on the amount of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere per 1km.

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What happens if your MOT runs out abroad?

Unfortunately you cannot get it done abroad, even though some people do so it is actually not legal as only a UK based MOT station can give a legitimate MOT. You’ll need to get it done before you leave the UK I’m afraid, even if that means loosing some ‘months’ of the existing MOT.

Do I need to take my v5 when driving abroad?

You must take your vehicle log book (V5C) with you if you’re taking your vehicle abroad for less than 12 months. You may have to show it if you’re stopped at a port or while driving abroad. Your V5C must show your most recent address in the UK.

How do I tax a car that has been SORN?

Once your vehicle is taxed again, it will automatically cancel the SORN status. You can unSORN your car by renewing your tax online using the DVLA website. You will need the 16-digit reference number from your tax renewal letter to do this, or the 11-digit reference number from your registration document (V5C).

How do I take my car off SORN?

Can I un-SORN a car? SORN’s used to expire after a year. Once you have ‘un-SORNED’ your vehicle it must be insured before you can legally drive it. To remove the SORN status from your vehicle, you simply need to tax it.

Can I drive a SORN car to MOT without insurance?

If your car is subject to a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) and you want to get it back on the road, you can drive it to a test centre without insurance, but that is all. The correct steps to driving it are: Book an MOT test appointment for your SORN car – you can only drive straight to this appointment.

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What happens to my insurance if I SORN my car?

Additionally, if you SORN your vehicle you’ll be refunded any full months of unused tax you’ve already paid for. It may also be possible to reduce your (comprehensive) car insurance cover to Third Party, Fire & Theft, or you might be able to get a refund on part of your motor insurance if you suspend the policy.

Can I drive a SORN car to sell it?

Can you drive a SORN to scrap? The answer to this question is simple – no, you can’t drive a SORN to scrap. By definition, you can’t legally drive a SORN anywhere. There’s only one exception, and that’s when you’re driving the car to a pre-booked MOT test.

How do I test drive a car that is SORN?

You can’t test drive a car whilst it is declared SORN – If you want to arrange a test drive then you or the owner will need to arrange tax for the car first. However most sellers are unlikely to agree to this. You’ll also need to consider whether the car is road legal and road safe.

How does car tax work in Cyprus?

Road tax in Cyprus is calculated by combining the flat rate tax based on the age and fuel type of the car, plus calcuating the specific taxable rate based on the CO2 (NEDC) emissions.

How much does it cost to tax a car in Cyprus?

Road tax rates in Cyprus

Engine Capacity (cc) Up to 1450 1451-1650
Cost will be in the range
Private Car €10-62 €87-99
Van €10-62 €87-99
Commercial vehicles (from 2014 only) €10-27 €39-44
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How do I know when my car tax needs renewing?

To check when your vehicle’s tax is due for renewal you can use the DVLA’s own tool. You just need to enter the car’s registration number and the tool will tell you when its tax is due as well as whether it has a valid MOT and when the next test is due.

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