Frequent question: How do I find a doctor in Cyprus?

The following websites are good starting points for finding a doctor in Cyprus: Doctors in Cyprus:

How much does it cost to see a doctor in Cyprus?

State healthcare in Cyprus is not free. You may have to pay some of the cost of any treatment or service, for example: 1 euro for a prescribed medicine or medical product. 6 euros to see a specialist with a referral from your GP.

How do I register with a doctor in Cyprus?

Registration can be done in two ways; either online via the GHS/GeSY website or in person at the personal Doctor the patient wishes to register with. Each personal doctor is allowed up till 2,500 patients. Once their list is full, they will not be able to accept any more registrations.

Does Cyprus have good doctors?

Healthcare facilities in the south of Cyprus are generally considered to be better than those in the Turkish-occupied north of the island. Doctors working in both sectors of the medical industry are often trained overseas and most, if not all, speak an acceptable level of English.

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How many doctors are there in Cyprus?

There were 3.557 doctors in 2018 as compared to 3.338 in 2017. The public sector numbered 993 doctors of various specialities and the private sector 2.564, i.e. 27,9% and 72,1% respectively.

Can you flush toilet paper in Cyprus?

In Cyprus most drains are not wide enough so you dispose of your toilet paper in a bin next to the toilet ergo 21st century in Cyprus means a bin next to the toilet, which is a safe and healthy way to dispose of your toilet paper.

How much does health insurance cost in Cyprus?

On the lower end of the price scale, you can expect to pay around €300 per year for coverage. On average, this will include roughly €40,000 of coverage per year under a basic plan – often only covering visits to public sector hospitals and clinics. More comprehensive plans are available for a higher price.

Can I register with a private doctor?

As a private GP practice you do not need to be registered with an NHS GP to use our doctors surgery. New patients are most welcome. If you are a tourist or foreign visitor you can book an appointment with a doctor now. No extra paperwork or registration is required.

Who can register for GESY?

Beneficiaries who have completed the age of 15 until the completion of the age of 18, are registered either in the list of a personal doctor for children or a personal doctor for adults. Beneficiaries over the age of 18 are registered in the list of a personal doctor for adults.

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Are Cyprus hospitals good?

The healthcare system in Cyprus is of a high standard and recognised by the World Health Organisation to be on par with other developed countries. Both state-funded and private hospitals can be found in all of Cyprus’s major cities.

Can I still retire to Cyprus after Brexit?

Now that the UK has left the European Union, British citizens no longer have the right to settle in EU countries like Cyprus without a visa or residency documents. If you haven’t lived in Cyprus before and didn’t have residency documents before 31st December, certain restrictions will apply if you want to retire there.

Is healthcare expensive in Cyprus?

Healthcare is generally inexpensive. Medical services are provided by three sectors: the government, the private sector, and several other schemes covering certain sections of the population. State hospitals offer free services while private health insurance is also popular.

How many hospitals are in Cyprus?

Health services in the public sector are provided by five district hospitals and one paediatric/ gynaecological hospital, three small rural hospitals and 38 health centres, along with 230 subcentres with a touring medical team.

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