Frequent question: How much is the road tax in Cyprus?

Engine Capacity (cc) Up to 1450 1451-1650
Cost will be in the range
Private Car €10-62 €87-99
Van €10-62 €87-99
Commercial vehicles (from 2014 only) €10-27 €39-44

Do you pay road tax in Cyprus?

Road tax is payable for all vehicles in Cyprus. … Road tax can be renewed for three, six, nine or 12 months (1 January to 31 December).

How is RTO tax calculated?

You can pay the tax at the respective RTO in the state.

Road Tax Calculator.

Vehicle’s Age Vehicle Cost <INR 10 Lakhs Vehicle Cost >INR 10 Lakhs
Newly Bought 12% of the cost price of the vehicle 14% of the vehicle’s cost price
>4 years but < 5 years 9.5% of the vehicle’s cost price 11.5% of the vehicle’s cost price

How do I renew my car tax in Cyprus?

Road tax can be renewed online on, at commercial banks, at citizens’ services centres, district post offices and the headquarters and district offices of the Road Transport Department. Road tax can be renewed for three, six, nine or 12 months. Vehicles must have an MOT and insurance.

How does car tax work in Cyprus?

Road tax in Cyprus is calculated by combining the flat rate tax based on the age and fuel type of the car, plus calcuating the specific taxable rate based on the CO2 (NEDC) emissions.

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When should I pay my road tax?

Your car needs to be taxed every year or when you buy a new or used car. You can find out when it’s due using our car tax checker. You can choose to pay your car tax in 1 of these ways: Annual lump sum (this is the cheapest option)

Which state has lowest RTO tax?

Which state has the lowest RTO tax? The north-east region has the lowest road tax. Himachal Pradesh is among the lowest in India.

How do I know when my car tax needs renewing?

To check when your vehicle’s tax is due for renewal you can use the DVLA’s own tool. You just need to enter the car’s registration number and the tool will tell you when its tax is due as well as whether it has a valid MOT and when the next test is due.

Is car insurance expensive in Cyprus?

The cost of insuring a car is also much lower in Cyprus than the UK. If you import a car from the UK, it will need to be insured before you can drive it in Cyprus.

How much is MOT in Cyprus?

The cost of an MOT is 35 euros (correct as of 2020) Results of the test are electronically transmitted to the Department of Transport. Once a test is completed successfully, the vehicle testing station issues the certificate. This should be carried in the car and made available for inspection.

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