Frequent question: Is Cyprus pet friendly?

Here in Cyprus, things are slowly progressing when it comes to pet friendly spots, but the few places that do wave the ‘Dog Friendly’ flag, often instil strict limitations on dog owners according to the size, age, breed or behaviour.

What pets are allowed in Cyprus?

THE ENTRY OF PET DOGS, CATS OR FERRETS UNDER THE AGE OF THREE MONTHS IS NOT ALLOWED, REGARDLESS OF THE COUNTRY OF ORIGIN. For inquiries concerning animals other than cats, dogs and ferrets, please contact the respective District Veterinary Office of the intended point of residence in Cyprus.

Can I take my dog on a plane to Cyprus?

Up to five pets can be transported to Cyprus by one person. Pets under three months of age can’t travel to Cyprus. You must inform the Cypriot Veterinary Services Department of your pets arrival at least 48 hours before it’s due to arrive in the country.

Are dogs allowed in athalassa Park?

National Forest Park of Athalassa for Dogs, Nicosia

Located in the lush green car-free Athalassa Park, the designated canine section of the park is perfect for long off-leash walks. However, there are no bins or water dispensers so bring your own poo bags and water bowls for post-walk refreshment.

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What dogs are banned in Cyprus?

The following breeds are prohibited from entry to Cyprus: Pit Bull Terrier or American Pit Bull, Japanese Tosa or Tosa Inu, Dogo Argentino or Argentinian Mastiff, Fila Brasileiro or Brazilian Mastiff.

Can I take my dog on holiday to Cyprus?

Pets must be at least 105 days old and must be vaccinated against rabies. You will need to wait 21 days after the vaccination is given to travel to Cyprus (the first day is considered Day 0). You will need to obtain a health certificate from a USDA authorized veterinarian (if traveling from the US).

Yes they could, but the same animal welfare laws applicable for zoos and pet shops apply to private ownership as well. Anyone who wants to buy a tiger would have to first have their proposed enclosure approved by state services. There is a penalty for failing to do so,” the ministry official said.

How much does it cost to fly my dog to Cyprus?

The cost of flying your dog to Cyprus will depend on a variety of factors (such as the size of your dog). Typically, the price will range anywhere from £1170 – £2000.

Do dogs have to quarantine in Cyprus?

There is no mandatory quarantine in Cyprus. If the import requirements can’t be met, pet owners may ask the authorities for a special permit to bring their pet into Cyprus before completing the process. In some cases, such a request will be approved by the authorities.

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How do I register my dog in Cyprus?

The registration of dogs in the Register of Veterinary Services is carried out only after the identification of the pet, either online or in the local District Veterinary Offices. Following the dog’s registration, a certificate of permanent ‘marker’ is issued and given to the dog owner.

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