Frequent question: Is Larnaca near Protaras?

The distance between Protaras and Larnaca is 41 km. The road distance is 54.6 km. How do I travel from Protaras to Larnaca without a car? … Yes, the driving distance between Protaras to Larnaca is 55 km.

How do I get from Larnaca to Protaras?

Transfer by taxi from Larnaca Airport to Protaras will cost 55 euro day time. The distance is 65 Km and the journey will take around 50 minutes to get you there. There is no direct public transport busses from Larnaca Airport to Protaras.

How much is taxi from Larnaca Airport to Protaras?

Prices from Larnaca Airport (LCA)

Prices from Larnaca Airport (LCA) 4 seater Taxi € 5-6 seater Taxi €
Larnaca Tourist Area 25 35
Ayia Napa 44 58
Protaras/Pernera 48 68
Protaras/Kapparis 48 68

Which side of Cyprus is Protaras?

Protaras is touristic resort at the south-east part of Cyprus priding it self with sky-blue clean water, nice sandy beaches, many churches and plenty of 4* and 5* hotels filled with British and Russian tourists.

How much is a taxi from Larnaca to Ayia Napa?

How much is a taxi from Larnaca Airport to Ayia Napa? To get from Larnaca Airport to Ayia Napa by private airport taxi will cost you 43 euros for one way.

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Are there taxis at Larnaca Airport?

Larnaca information

Paphos Airport is 15 kilometres from the town of Paphos. There are buses and taxis to the nearest large towns just outside the Arrivals halls.

Is Protaras Lively?

Although Protaras is fairly small and compact, yes it does get lively as many of the bars have tribute acts/karaoke/live music on an evening.

Which is better Protaras or Paphos?

Both places you mention will be hot and have lively nightlife. Protaras has much nicer beaches so if you fancy white sand blue sea head for Protaras. Paphos is a town while Protaras is a resort.

What is the best month to go to Cyprus?

The best time to visit Cyprus is between May and June. Not only is it one of the driest periods of the year on the island, but it’s also nice and toasty – temperatures hover between 23 and 28 degrees, with up to 13 hours of sunshine a day.

What is the best area to stay in Cyprus?

The 12 Best Areas Where to Stay in Cyprus

  • Limassol, one of the most popular areas where to stay in Cyprus. …
  • Larnaca, whether culture-vulture or beach-bum, Larnaca can hit the spot. …
  • Paphos, one of the best areas to stay in Cyprus with beaches and history. …
  • Coral Bay, great place to stay in Cyprus for everyone.

Where should I not go in Cyprus?

What to avoid in Cyprus

  • Tourist Traps. If you think you’ll get to a Mediterranean country to enjoy amazing seafood, you will be disappointed in Cyprus. …
  • Limassol or Paphos Castle. Ok, it’s not actually a castle. …
  • Aphrodite’s Baths. Where to begin with this one. …
  • Turtle Beach. …
  • Larnaca. …
  • Ayia Napa.
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Are taxis expensive in Cyprus?

Regular taxi

This is a very convenient (most taxis are Mercedes-Benz), but a slightly expensive option. For example, a taxi ride from Limassol to Larnaca Airport costs 50 euros. A ride to Paphos airport costs 40-45 euros. A ride around the city costs 10-12 euros.

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