How do I get divorced in Cyprus?

In Cyprus, we don’t have the term divorce by mutual consent or divorce agreement. However, if both parties agree on the issuance of the divorce, they can file the papers of divorce at the District Family Court. The reason for the divorce will be a serious breakdown of the relationship.

How long does it take to divorce in Cyprus?

In case of marriage, concluded in the church, then for a divorce it may take about 2-3 years. If this is an ordinary civil union, the process of dissolution can be delayed no more than for several months, but only if the family has no children, and both family members have no claims to each other.

How much does it cost to get a divorce in Cyprus?

An average cost is usually around 800 euros plus V.A.T and expenses if both spouses are located in Cyprus and both agree on the divorce.

Can I stay in Cyprus after divorce?

But since your marriage lasted only for two years, according to the law you cannot stay in the country, unless you will make a special request, which will be approved by the Department of Civil Registry and Migration.

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Can foreigners get married in Cyprus?

While there are no specific residency requirements for foreign nationals wishing to marry in Cyprus, there is typically a fifteen-day waiting period. It is possible to avoid this delay by applying to the Minister of the Interior for a special marriage license allowing the marriage to take place in three days.

Which lawyers deal with divorce?

Family Law Attorneys – There are many legal issues that fall under the umbrella of family law including, but not limited to, divorce, legal separation, annulment, and paternity. Some family law attorneys will specialize and limit their practice to divorce while others will provide an array of services.

Can I immigrate to Cyprus?

If you wish to obtain permanent residency in Cyprus and you are willing to invest in the country, you may apply for a permanent residence permit (Category F) through the standard procedure. This scheme leads you to permanent residence in 1 year. To be eligible, you must purchase or rent a property in Cyprus.

How can I get PR in Cyprus?

Requirements for Cyprus Residency by Investment

  1. You must purchase real estate property worth at least €300,000.
  2. You must make a €30,000 deposit into a bank in Cyprus. …
  3. You must prove you have an annual income of at least €30,000 for yourself, and another €5,000 for every dependent (spouse and children).

How do I get a pink slip in Cyprus?

Pink Slip – Employment Visa

Applications for the issue of Entry and Temporary Residence and Employment Permits must be submitted by the Cypriot employer through the District Office of the Aliens and Immigration Unit of the Police or at the Central Offices of the Civil Registry and Migration Department in Nicosia.

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How much does it cost to marry in Cyprus?

Your marriage license will be issued in English and it will be accepted in your home country. A standard civil wedding license costs around 128 euros, an urgency civil wedding license will cost you 281 euros and you have to pay the fee to the town hall. Outside the town hall the fees are between 400 and 632 euros.

What documents do I need to marry in Cyprus?

What do you need to get married in Cyprus?

  • A valid passport with a minimum validity of six months.
  • A photocopy (or two just to be safe) of the photo page of your and your fiance’s passport.
  • A photocopy (or two) of the photo page of each of your two witnesses.
  • Your birth certificate.

Is it easy to get married in Cyprus?

Getting married in Cyprus is fairly easy and civil ceremony marriages consummated here are recognised internationally and are legally binding. If you would like to have an Anglican church wedding, you will need to contact the Registered Minister of the Church and discuss additional arrangements with them.

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