How much is a speeding fine in Cyprus?

Fines for speeding in Cyprus depend on the excess. That is, if you exceed the speed of 30% of the limit, the fee is set at the rate of 1 euro for every kilometer exceeded. If the excess is 30-50% of the limit, the fine is set at the rate of 2 euros for every kilometer exceeded.

How many points do you get for speeding in Cyprus?

Cyprus: Amendments To Penalties For Road Traffic Violations

Speed limit Penalties
Speeding limit up to 50% €3/km fine and 2-4 Penalty Points
Speeding limit up to 75% €5/km fine and 3–6 Penalty Points
Failure to comply with the speed limits penalty 1 year and/or € 4,000
Exceeding the limit> 75% 4-8 Penalty Points

How much is a speeding fine and 3 points?

You’ll have to pay a £100 fine and have 3 points added to your licence, unless you’re given the option to attend a speed awareness course. If you pay the fine, how you pay depends on where you were caught speeding. You can: pay the fine online in England and Wales or check the ticket for other ways to pay.

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How do I pay a speeding ticket in Cyprus?

Fines can also be paid at any commercial bank or credit cooperatives in Cyprus or through the Cyprus Police Website.

Pay with a credit card through the JCCSmart website.

  1. Set up an account (Its easy).
  2. Log in.
  3. Click on the POLICE FINES button and follow the instructions.

Can you drive in flip flops in Cyprus?

Yes we drive in flip flops!

Does 3 points affect insurance?

Having three penalty points added to your driving licence has little impact on car insurance premiums, new research has revealed, but six or more results in far costlier cover.

What happens if I receive a speeding ticket after 14 days?

You may have heard that if you get a speeding ticket through the post more than 14 days after the vehicle you own was photographed speeding, the ticket can be cancelled. … All the police need to do is show the ticket should have reached the vehicle’s registered owner under normal circumstances within 14 days.

Do speed cameras always flash?

Yes, it’s true that speed cameras will not always flash when they catch you speeding. This is simply because there are a variety of different types of speed cameras in operation throughout the UK, some of which don’t flash.

How do you call the police in Cyprus?

Call 112 to reach emergency services – medical, fire or police – from anywhere in Europe. This Pan-European emergency number 112 can be called from any telephone (landline, pay phone or mobile cellular phone). Calls are free.

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How do I renew my driving Licence in Cyprus?

Driving licences can be renewed at the Department of Road Transport or Citizen Service Centers. Documents required: Driving licence application form TOM 7D. Identification card.

Can you drive around Cyprus in a day?

You can drive all the way across Cyprus in just a few hours, so don’t limit yourself to just one place! You can choose to drive between the cities and stay in a new town every few nights, or base yourself in one of the cities and explore the island in a series of day trips.

Can you drink in public in Cyprus?

Don’t get drunk in public.

Unlike the inhabitants of a lot of Northern European countries, the UK included, Cypriots enjoy a drink but don’t make a habit of drinking to excess and making nuisances of themselves to other people.

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