Is Cyprus a shipping hub?

Cyprus has traditionally been a popular shipping centre and home to some of the leading names of the global shipping industry. Among the ship management companies established and operating, 87% are controlled by EU interests. These companies employ almost 40.000 seafarers out of whom 5.000 are EU nationals.

How many shipping companies in Cyprus?

The country is one of the top five ship management centres worldwide, having around 60 ship management companies in operation while employing almost 40,000 seafarers.

Which factors contributed to the establishment of Cyprus as a major shipowning and ship management Centre?

During that period a number of external factors that contributed in the establishment of Cyprus as a strategic and significant international business centre were the re-opening of the Suez Canal, the growing importance of the Arab oil in the global economy and the enhancement of the Middle East as a prosperous

Why are ships registered?

Ship registration

The general mechanism for establishing a ship’s nationality and for regulating shipping is registration of the ship in a particular State. By linking a ship to a State, the system of ship registration indicates that that State has the right to protect that ship in international law.

What is a ships port of registry?

marine. The place where a ship is registered. It is shown on the stern of the vessel.

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How do I register my boat in Cyprus?

Start the yacht registration Cyprus process today!

  1. Company Certificates of the yacht-owning company by the Registrar of Companies;
  2. Existing name and the present flag of the yacht;
  3. Gross and net tonnage of the yacht;
  4. Place and year of built;
  5. Place where the yacht can be usually found;
  6. Length;
  7. International Sign;
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