Is Cyprus too hot in August?

Cyprus’s Augusts are hot and humid and there are plenty of hours of sunshine. With highs in the mid to high 30s or even the low 40s, this is another month for not moving too far from the cooling water of the pool or the sea.

Is August a good time to visit Cyprus?

The best time to visit Cyprus is between May and June. Not only is it one of the driest periods of the year on the island, but it’s also nice and toasty – temperatures hover between 23 and 28 degrees, with up to 13 hours of sunshine a day.

Is Paphos too hot in August?

Paphos temperature in August

August is one of the two hottest months in Cyprus. … Daytime temperature is on the mountains of Paphos is a bit lower with an average day temperature of 35°C. At at night the temperature falls to 25-35 °C. The sea in August is warm it can reach 26°C at Paphos coasts.

Is Cyprus hotter in July or August?

July is one of the hottest months in Cyprus. Average maximum temperature in July soars up to 30°C on the west coast and 32°C-33°C on the eastern-south coast. Inland it is hotter and drier with temperatures reaching 37°C.

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Is alcohol cheap in Cyprus?

Buying a drink in Cyprus will cost you more on average than over half of the other 28 member states, although the price of alcoholic drinks vary wildly from one EU country to another.

Is Cyprus hotter than Greece?

Cyprus is located in the south-east of the Mediterranean, just 380 kilometers from Egypt, so the climate here is warmer than in Greece. … In Greece, the thermometer often passes the thirty plus mark in summer as well, but in general there is less heat than in Cyprus, especially in the northern part of the country.

How hot is Paphos in August?

The daytime temperature rises to an average maximum of 30°C and falls to an average overnight minimum of 21°C. Thus, August is a good time of year for nightlife as the temperatures remain comfortably warm during the evenings and overnight.

Is Paphos too hot in July?

Paphos temperature in July

During daytime the temperature is 29-39 °C and it drops to 22-29 °C at night. … July is one of the hottest months in Cyprus. At Paphos mountains it is a bit cooler but still warm enough with the temperature above 28°C. The main heat of the day is from 12 am till 4 pm.

Is July a good time to visit Cyprus?

The best time to visit Cyprus is either side of the peak summer heat, in the months of May, June, September and October. During these months, the temperatures are warm enough for swimming, but not uncomfortably hot. Also, the crowds are much thinner, so it’s easier to enjoy the sand, sights and more active pursuits.

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What is the weather like in Cyprus in August?

August is one of the two hottest months in Cyprus. Sun shines from the cloudless skies for almost 12 hours. At daytime temperatures climb up to 30°C on the west coast, 33°C on the eastern-south coast and 37°C inland where it is always hotter and drier in summer.

Is Cyprus cheap to visit?

Budget travel in Cyprus is nearly impossible. It’s not that the country is particularly expensive – it’s more than the Balkans but cheaper than the Nordic countries. No, Cyprus just makes it really difficult to enjoy the country if you’re not rich and looking for a luxury vacation.

How much does a week in Cyprus cost?

Cyprus trip cost

Well, based on my estimates one week in Cyprus will cost you about $2,350 USD. Not too bad for a week-long vacation in the Mediterranean! Sure, Cyprus may not be as well-known as Italy or Greece, but if you are looking for an affordable beach destination in Europe, definitely consider Cyprus.

Is it safe to swim in the sea in Cyprus?

Cyprus has more than 650 Km of coastline with sandy beaches and warm sea, comfortable for swimming from early May to October. Safe swimming areas are marked by red buoys, which indicate the areas where speed-boats and any other floating craft are not allowed to enter.

Safety in the Water
Red Swimming Forbidden
Sunny Cyprus