Is Polis Cyprus nice?

What’s not to love about Polis, it’s quiet, friendly, unpretentious. Hot, very hot. The pathway along the beach that runs to Laatchi is lit up at dusk – the only time we went down to the beach as it was too hot the rest of the day. A place you can really relax into – wish I had gone for longer.

Is Polis in northern Cyprus?

Polis (or Polis Chrysochous; Greek: Πόλη Χρυσοχούς or Πόλις Χρυσοχούς, Turkish: Poli) is a small town at the north-west end of the island of Cyprus, at the centre of Chrysochous Bay, and on the edge of the Akamas peninsula nature reserve.

Polis, Cyprus.

Polis Chrysochous
Time zone UTC+2 (EET)
• Summer (DST) UTC+3 (EEST)

Is Latchi beach sandy?

Latchi beach is made up of sand and pebbles and is popular with Cypriots, Russians and British in high season. … Boats leave hourly for Akamas National Park to explore its beaches and underwater world.

What country calls their police Polis?

Polis, the Turkish name of the Turkish National Police.

Is latchi in northern Cyprus?

Once a tiny fishing harbour, Latchi, Cyprus has grown considerably over the last 10 years, now boasting a large marina, yet it still retains its unique charm. It is situated on the north west of the island close to the unspoilt Akamas peninsula. Latchi is named after the old Greek word for water hole or well – “lakki”.

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What is the plural of Polis?

polis, plural poleis, ancient Greek city-state.

Does police come from Polis?

police (n.)

1)); from Middle French police “organized government, civil administration” (late 15c.), from Latin politia “civil administration,” from Greek polis “city” (see polis).

What are detectives called in Scotland?

Scotland Yard keeps extensive files on all known criminals in the United Kingdom. It also has a special branch of police who guard visiting dignitaries, royalty, and statesmen.

How do you say police in French?


  1. Forces de l’ordre. police → police; fuzz; filth; cop; military police; policy; font;
  2. contrat d’assurance. police → policy;
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