Question: How do I register for income tax in Cyprus?

How do I register to pay tax in Cyprus?

To register at the tax department, submit form T.D. 2001 (Application for obtaining tax number) and, if needed, form T.D. 1101 (Additional application for VAT registration).

How do I get a tax number in Cyprus?

If you are already a registered taxpayer and you do not know your unique registration number, contact the Tax Department or send an email to

How much is income tax in Cyprus?

Personal Tax rates.

Taxable Income Rate Amount
Taxable Income €19.501 – €28.000 Rate 20% Amount €1.700
Taxable Income €28.001 – €36.300 Rate 25% Amount €2.075
Taxable Income €36.301 – €60.000 Rate 30% Amount €7.110
Taxable Income €60.000 – €100.000 Rate 35% Amount €14.000

How do I get a Cyprus tic?

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  1. Get a copy of the below – depending on your case. For Cypriot citizens: Copy of your Identification Card (ID). …
  2. Scan all documents (see Steps 1 & 2) and email to: Nicosia: …
  3. A representative of the Cyprus tax office will contact you via telephone or e-mail to provide your TIC.
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What documents are required to register for income tax?

The user must have the following mandatory details: Valid PAN Card. Valid Mobile Number. Valid Email Address, preferably belonging to Principal contact person.

Who gets a tin?

An ITIN, or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, is a tax processing number only available for certain nonresident and resident aliens, their spouses, and dependents who cannot get a Social Security Number (SSN).

What is TIC for Cyprus?

T.I.C. = Tax Identification Code if available. Φ = (Tax) Identification number of overseas authority for non holders of T.I.C. or Cyprus ID, or A.R.C.

Does Cyprus have tin?

True tin bronzes appear to have been made on Cyprus as early as the beginning of the second millennium B.C. In the nineteenth century B.C., the island is mentioned for the first time in Near Eastern records as a copper-producing country, under the name “Alasia,” and it continued to be an important source of copper for …

How much can you earn in Cyprus before paying tax?


Non-tax resident individuals are charged to tax and required to file a return on income accruing or arising from sources within Cyprus i.e. income from employment exercised in Cyprus, if that income exceeds the tax free threshold of EUR19,500.

Do I need to pay tax in Cyprus?

An individual who is tax resident in the Republic of Cyprus (the Republic), is taxed on income accruing or arising from sources both within and outside the Republic. An individual who is not tax resident in the Republic, is only taxed on income accruing or arising from sources within the Republic.

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How does tax work in Cyprus?

As a resident of Cyprus, you are taxable on your worldwide income. … Tax rates then start at 20% and rise progressively to 35% for income over €60,000. Foreign pension income receives special treatment here; you choose how it is taxed each year: At a flat rate of 5% on the excess of €3,420 (this sum being exempt), or.

What is TIC tax?

Tenancy-In-Common (TIC) is a form of ownership which allows a group of individuals to co-own a single parcel. While each owner owns a portion of the parcel, the parcel is still treated as one unit for property tax billing purposes. … TIC properties are assessed in the same way as other properties.

What is a VAT number used for?

VAT numbers are used for tax purposes and are only given to businesses that are registered for VAT. As such, a VAT number is also commonly referred to as a VAT registration number or a VRN.

Where do I see my tax number?

Your TFN will be listed on the following documents:

  1. Your income tax “notice of assessment” from a previous year.
  2. Any correspondence sent to you from the ATO.
  3. A payment summary from your employer.
  4. An account statement from your superannuation fund.
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