Quick Answer: What documents do I need to drive a hire car in Cyprus?

It is essential that you have a full valid driving license to hire a car in Cyprus. All providers will require also that you’ve held this license for at least 1 year. If your license was issued outside of Europe, you may also need to obtain an IDP, also called an international driving permit to present upon collection.

What documents are needed to hire a car?

When you rent a car, you need to bring the following documents:

  • A full driving licence. …
  • A valid photo ID (passport, ID card, driving licence).
  • A third form of ID that proves your address, e.g. utility bill or bank statement.

What are the requirements for hiring a car?

Car rental requirements

  • Valid driver’s licence which has been valid for at least three years with a minimum age of 21 years old.
  • A credit card to make the payment and hold a deposit.

Do I need a green card to hire a car in Cyprus?

EU hire cars do NOT need green cards

The good news is that green cards are just for driving your own car, or hire cars from the UK, in the EU. If you’re renting a hire car within the EU, you do not need a green card.

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Do you need paper part of driving Licence to hire a car abroad?

Driving licence paper counterpart

We recommend printing your own driving licence record and also getting a code from the DVLA’s ‘share driving licence‘ service. The code will be valid for 21 days and gives a hire firm one-off access to your online driving licence record if they need to see it.

Do I need insurance to rent a car?

Do you need insurance to rent a car? No, you don’t need to have insurance because rental cars are already insured. That said, some form of rental insurance is strongly advised because if you rent a car without insurance, you are responsible for any damages to the vehicle.

Do I need proof of address to rent a car?

The car hire company staff will ask to see some proof of your identity. This could be your passport, or proof of address if you’re hiring in your own country. Some car hire companies ask for two separate proofs of address. These could be a utility bill and a bank statement, for example, both in the main driver’s name.

At what age are you allowed to rent a car?

The minimum age to rent a car in the Bahamas is 18 years old, but most rental suppliers require renters to be at least 21 years old. Regardless, all car rental suppliers will charge a young driver surcharge for any renters under the age of 25.

Does Cyprus require an international driver’s license?

The driving licence requirements in Cyprus state that you must have a full driving licence valid in your country of residence. You also must have an international driver’s licence.

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Do you need car insurance in Cyprus?

Under EU law all vehicles driving in member states must have at least third party liability insurance. … Third party insurance is the minimum obligatory cover under Cypriot law to ensure that compensation can be paid to victims of an accident.

Can you rent a car with a paper Licence?

Can I use the old style paper driving licence when hiring a car? The simple answer to this question is YES. Paper driving licenses are still valid and the driver can continue to use it until it expires, providing none of the driver details (like their name or address have changed).

Can I hire a car with a photocopy of my Licence?

The official answer is you can’t hire a car – but ask your rental company. You would be surprised how often this happens and most companies are willing to contact the DVLA to get a copy. The DVLA will fax a copy of your license to a number anywhere in the world although there are fees involved!

Which countries require international driving permit?

International Driving Permits are Required* in the following countries for US Licensed Drivers: Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Spain. *IDP enforcement may vary based upon car rental supplier as well as renting country.

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