What is there to do in Cyprus in October?

Is Cyprus good to visit in October?

Blessed with a mild climate, Cyprus is comfortable in October, with sea that’s balmy enough for swimming and daytime temperatures in the warm-but-not-hot range. There are far fewer visitors than during the bustling months of July and August, and the hotels are less expensive as well.

Is Cyprus quiet in October?

The weather is lovely in October – average highs of 26° – and the sea will still be warm enough to swim in. The evenings usually start to get cooler towards the end of October; you’ll still be able to sit outside to eat but take a cardigan.

What is there to do in Paphos in October?

The Best Things to Do in Paphos

  • Explore antiquity at Kato Paphos Archaeological Park. …
  • Visit the Tombs of the Kings. …
  • Hike down the refreshing Avakas Gorge. …
  • Have a dip in the Blue Lagoon. …
  • Quad bike around Akamas. …
  • Go camping in Polis Chrysochou. …
  • Go wine tasting. …
  • Go turtle watching.

Is Larnaca or Paphos hotter in October?

Going to the beach

In the south coasts of Limassol, Larnaca and Ayia Napa the waters are shallower and warmer with temperatures of 24-26 °C in October. The west cost of Paphos and northern coasts of Latchi have colder waters with temperatures of 22-24 °C in October.

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Is alcohol cheap in Cyprus?

Buying a drink in Cyprus will cost you more on average than over half of the other 28 member states, although the price of alcoholic drinks vary wildly from one EU country to another.

Does it rain in Cyprus in October?

Days are warm but the cooler evenings tell you that summer has already passed. On average there is one to four days of rain during October. … Average maximum temperature for October is 27°C on the west coast and 28°C-29°C on the eastern-south coast and inland.

Is Cyprus still hot in October?

The temperature in October remains quite hot in Cyprus during October, more specifically in Paphos with highs of around 26.7 ºC and 10 hours of sunshine. The sea temperature is still warm during October, averaging 24 ºC, making it a perfect month for watersports including swimming, diving and snorkelling.

Is Cyprus still busy in October?


If you want to skip the crowds on your trip to Cyprus, avoid the busy summer months. April and October are two of Cyprus’ quietest months for tourists, but thanks to the Mediterranean climate, the weather’s still warm – think temperatures around the mid-twenties mark.

How warm is Paphos in October?

Paphos Temperature in October

During the day the temperature is 25-35 °C. At night the temperature drops to 15-25 °C. The chance of rain is less that 5%. On average, there are 2-3 rainy days in October.

Is Paphos busy in October?

October in Paphos is very nice. Is quite busy but not that much as it in August, the weather is very nice and there are a lot of bars and restaurants you can visit!

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What is the quietest part of Cyprus?

A scenic place in the Paphos region is the secluded Pomos, home to untouched landscapes and unspoilt beaches. To reach it, drive north from Polis Chrysochou along the coast.

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