You asked: Does Cyprus have a cat problem?

Cyprus has long had a surplus of furry felines, with its cat population estimated to outnumber humans – there are reported to be a staggering 1.5 million stray cats on the Mediterranean island.

Is Cyprus cat friendly?

Perhaps two of the most prominent characteristics of Cyprus cats are that they are friendly and energetic. These cats adore being around people and receiving attention, making them a great choice for families with kids, cats, or dogs in the house.

Can you touch cats in Cyprus?

Again, like other wild animals, it is not recommended to provide them with food or approach them – as cute as they may appear, these are wild creatures with very sharp claws and teeth! They are as likely as any other wild creature to carry disease so be very wary of touching them.

Where do Cyprus cats come from?

Does Cyprus have rabies?

Cyprus is free of dog rabies. However, rabies may still be present in wildlife species, particularly bats. CDC recommends rabies vaccination before travel only for people working directly with wildlife.

Can I touch street cats?

Do not touch stray cats

Never provoke a cat to attack you. Do not bother the cat when it is eating, and do not try to move a cat with your unprotected hands. Use a long stick to push it along or heavy gloves if you must move it. Do not approach kittens, as the mother may be near and is likely to attack you.

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Is Aphrodite associated with cats?

Aphrodite is the goddess of love, fertility, and beauty. … Aphrodite is often considered the idealization of beauty come to life. This name might work well for a physically gorgeous cat. However, it could work just as well for a female cat with a beautiful soul or maybe even better for a kitty inclined to jealous fits!

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