How much is GESY in Cyprus?

Contributors Categories First Phase (As of 1/3/2019-28/2/2019) Full Implementation (As of 1/3/2020)
Employers (Including the State as an Employer) 1,85% 2,90%
State 1,65% 4,70%
Self-employed 2,55% 4,00%
Pensioners 1,70% 2,65%

Is GESY free?

The cost of health treatment

Once registered to the GHS/GeSY, access to a general practitioner (GP) and in-patients healthcare is free of charge. The GHS covers the medical care needs of beneficiaries including chronic, rare and serious conditions.

Who pays GESY?

The Contributors to the system are Employees, Employers, the State, Self-employed persons, Pensioners, Income-earners, Government Officials, and Persons responsible for the payment of remuneration to Government Officials.

Who is entitled to GESY in Cyprus?

If you are a registered citizen of Cyprus (either Cypriot by birth or non-Cypriot), you should be eligible to apply for cover. As a British expat, there are two ways to register for GESY in Cyprus. The first is online as mentioned above, by visiting where you’ll be able to create an account.

How can I join GESY in Cyprus?

Signing up with GESY by visiting a personal doctor

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They can be enrolled as beneficiaries by visiting a personal doctor of their choice. During their visit, the personal doctor will fill in the application for enrolment in the beneficiary record on behalf of the interested party.

How can I get vaccinated in Cyprus without GeSY?

If you do not have access to GeSY you can get vaccinated at any of the walk-in vaccination centres operating around the island starting Friday August 6th, 2021, and will be available every Friday from 08:00-14:00, the Ministry of Health of Cyprus has announced.

What is S1 document Cyprus?

The S1 document is issued by the EU member state where you are insured. The S1 document certifies your entitlement to healthcare if you don‘t live in the country where you are insured.

Is GeSY tax deductible?

deduction is tax deductible up to the total of 1/6th of the individual’s total income. The amount of the employers’ contribution is tax deductible for corporate tax purposes.

GeSY / G.H.S. contributions for employers and employees.

Period: Employer Contribution: Employee Contribution:
From 01/03/2020 2,90% 2,65%

How much is social insurance in Cyprus?

As of 1 January 2019, the employees’ own contribution to the state-administered social insurance fund is 8.3% of their gross remuneration, with a maximum annual cap on insurable emoluments as of 1 January 2021 of EUR 57,408. The rate of 8.3% applies for both employee and the employer up to 31 December 2023.

How much is income tax in Cyprus?

Personal Tax rates.

Taxable Income Rate Amount
Taxable Income €19.501 – €28.000 Rate 20% Amount €1.700
Taxable Income €28.001 – €36.300 Rate 25% Amount €2.075
Taxable Income €36.301 – €60.000 Rate 30% Amount €7.110
Taxable Income €60.000 – €100.000 Rate 35% Amount €14.000
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What is the difference between MEU1 and MEU3?

If you plan to spend time both in the UK and in Cyprus during the year, an MEU1 allows you to be out of Cyprus for up to 6 months per year whereas, the MEU3 permanent residency status allows up to 5 years out of the country.

Where can I register my S1 in Cyprus?

How to use an S1 form in Cyprus. You must get an S1 form, then register with the GHS. You can either register online, or through your local doctor.

How do you change doctors GESY?

Under standing rules, such a change is permitted every six months. The change can be made on the IT platform or at the personal doctor. Further information is available on the service centre of the GHS on 17000 (no toll) or by email to

When did Cyprus get GESY?

The original GeSY legislation was passed in 2001, but the three government bills and regulations introducing the system were only agreed by parliament on 16 June 2017 after prolonged negotiations led by Yiorgos Pamboridis, the health minister. It is to be fully operational by July 1, 2020.

How do I contact GESY?

Contact Centre Requests

free call at 17000 when calling from Cyprus, +35722017000 when calling from abroad. email at

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