Is Cyprus smaller than London?

United Kingdom is approximately 243,610 sq km, while Cyprus is approximately 9,251 sq km, making Cyprus 3.8% the size of United Kingdom. … For more details, see an in-depth quality of life comparison of Cyprus vs.

Is Cyprus bigger than UK?

Cyprus is approximately 9,251 sq km, while United Kingdom is approximately 243,610 sq km, making United Kingdom 2,533% larger than Cyprus. Meanwhile, the population of Cyprus is ~1.3 million people (64.5 million more people live in United Kingdom).

How big is Cyprus vs Yorkshire?

However, it comes as a bit of a surprise to find that Yorkshire is also larger than the following countries of Europe: Denmark (5,162,000), Finland (5,092,000), Norway (4,272,000), Iceland (264,000), Cyprus (756,000), Malta (360,000) Albania (3,422,000), Bosnia (4,365,000), Croatia (4,821,000), Estonia (1,536,000), …

How long does it take to drive around Cyprus?

You can drive all the way across Cyprus in just a few hours, so don’t limit yourself to just one place! You can choose to drive between the cities and stay in a new town every few nights, or base yourself in one of the cities and explore the island in a series of day trips.

Are there sharks in Cyprus?

There are a number of sharks in Cyprus waters but sightings are rare as most are in deeper waters. Those sighted in recent years include the Mako, Basking and Blue sharks.

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Is Cyprus open to tourists?

Cyprus is open for tourism and adds 5 more countries on a green list from July 6. Tourists from 64 countries are allowed to enter Cyprus without quarantine if they can produce a Digital Green Passport or submit a negative COVID-19 test result not older than 72 hours.

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