You asked: Can you sunbathe in Cyprus in November?

Sunbathing and swimming can still be enjoyed in early November but might be not as comfortable as in early autumn or summer. November is also a good time for most outdoor sports. Summer activities on the beach are also good in November. Sun is still hot and water is warm so you can keep sunbathing and swimming.

Will Cyprus be hot in November?

November is the month when the weather in Cyprus breaks from warm autumn towards colder winter. … November is the third rainiest month after December and January. On average maximum temperature gets up to 22°C on the west coast and inland and 23°C-24°C on the eastern-south coast.

Does Cyprus shut down in November?

Re: Cyprus in November – is it closed? It definitely quietens down as November is not a touristy month. However, it depends on what area you will be staying in. Paphos has tourism all year round, Ayia Napa does “close down”.

Can you sunbathe in Cyprus in December?

The Mediterranean island of Cyprus, also known as Aphrodite’s Island, receives plenty of sunshine all year round. It is the perfect location for winter sun as you’ll still enjoy between six and seven hours of sunshine a day.

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How much does it rain in Cyprus in November?

Sunshine and rainfall

There is a 67% chance of a perfect sunny day and a 33% chance of seeing a mixture of sunshine and clouds with an average 10mm of rainfall this month.

Is Cyprus sunny in November?

In November the weather in Cyprus is mild autumn weather with quite many sunny days and daytime temperatures of 20-30 °C at the coastal areas.

Is Paphos hot in November?

Located in the southwest of Cyprus off the south coast of Turkey and North Africa, Paphos has warm temperatures all year round. Although things are quite a bit cooler in November compared to summer, you’ll still find it lovely and pleasant. There’s more rain as November goes on as it is one of the years wettest months.

Is Cyprus busy in November?

Heading to Cyprus in winter not only means fewer crowds but also cooler temperatures and much better Cyprus hotel deals. … The image of Cyprus is that it is very much a summer holiday destination, so many people wouldn’t consider visiting in the winter.

What is the warmest part of Cyprus?

Summer is very hot, so much so that in the capital, Nicosia, highs are about 37 °C (99 °F) in July and August. The presence of such a hot area makes Cyprus the hottest island of the Mediterranean.


Month February
Max (°C) 16
Mean (°C) 10,6
Min (°F) 41
Max (°F) 61

Is November a good time to visit Cyprus?

The autumn can be quite pleasant and mild on Cyprus. … If you don’t like the scorching heat of the summer then November, December is a great time to visit Cyprus. Even January and February often produce day time – in the shade – temperatures of 18- 20 Celsius, when northern Europe is at 5 Celsius and below.

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Will Cyprus be hot in December?

December starts the mild Mediterranean winter. December, however, is the warmest among the three winter months. … Average maximum temperature for December is 19°C on the coast and 17°C inland, about two degrees higher than in January and February.

Is Cyprus warm at Xmas?

With a location in the eastern Mediterranean just off the south coast of Turkey and north of Egypt, Cyprus’ location means it has warm weather in December. It’s one of the hottest destinations in the Mediterranean, although you’ll get some rain at this time of year.

Is Paphos hot in December?

The average high in Paphos is 19ºC in December, which is warm enough to relax on the beach or by the pool. Things can get quite chilly in the evenings though as it can cool to 10ºC. The sea temperature’s 19ºC, while humidity’s low.

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