You asked: What should I pack for Cyprus?

What should I wear in Cyprus?

Men should wear pants and shirts. Women should wear pants or long skirts and cover their arms. Do bring good walking shoes, a swimsuit and some sunscreen in your bag. Do try something different in Cyprus.

What clothes to wear in North Cyprus?


  • Pants or jeans.
  • Standard footwear.
  • Waterproof footwear.
  • Light jacket or fleece.
  • Umbrella.
  • Long sleeve shirts or blouses.
  • Waterproof luggage.
  • Dresses.

What to know before going to Cyprus?

8 Useful Things to Know Before You Visit Cyprus

  • Cyprus is Part of The European Union. …
  • The Country is Divided Into Two Parts. …
  • There’s Left-Hand Traffic. …
  • Sockets and Power Plugs Are of Type G. …
  • The Island is The Birthplace of Aphrodite. …
  • Temperature Differences Can be Significant. …
  • Getting Drunk in Public is a No-Go.

How many days do you need in Cyprus?

There are so many things to do in Paphos that you could easily occupy your entire time in Cyprus, however, three days should be sufficient to both see a lot of cool things while also allowing you plenty of time to relax by the Mediterranean.

Can you wear shorts in Cyprus?

Cyprus enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, meaning the summers can be quite long and hot. Therefore, when you travel to the island, make sure you have suitable clothing for the heat. Shorts, t-shirts, dresses and skirts are all must haves in order to keep yourself cool.

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Where should I not go in Cyprus?

What to avoid in Cyprus

  • Tourist Traps. If you think you’ll get to a Mediterranean country to enjoy amazing seafood, you will be disappointed in Cyprus. …
  • Limassol or Paphos Castle. Ok, it’s not actually a castle. …
  • Aphrodite’s Baths. Where to begin with this one. …
  • Turtle Beach. …
  • Larnaca. …
  • Ayia Napa.

Are Cypriots friendly?

Hospitality, accompanied by authentic smiles and friendly faces, is what characterizes Greek Cypriot people. Loyal to family bonds, traditions and culture, lovers of nice food and endless entertainment, Cypriots are always friendly and approachable. … The majority of the People in Cyprus are highly educated.

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